Postman + Document360

Postman is an API platform for building and using APIs. Postman also provides a platform for API documentation. Linking your Document360 project with Postman is easy and can be completed in a few minutes. You can use the on-premise or web-based Postman.

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Linking your Document360 project in Postman

The below steps are based on the on-premise Postman application.

  1. Open Postman application in your computer

  2. In the 'My Workspace' section, click the Import button and an Import popup window appears

  3. Select the Link option

  4. Enter the below URL in the field

  5. Click ContinueImport

  6. Wait for a few seconds and the Import complete page appears

  7. Click Close

This action will create a sample request for each endpoint, allowing you to make the request quickly.



  1. In the tree view, expand Document360 Customer APIdraft and click Document360 Customer API under draft
  2. In the main window, the Authorization tab appears as the default selection
  3. Enter the API token in the Value field.
    For generating an API token, see Generating token.
How to get the API key?

a. In the Knowledge base portal, click SettingsKnowledge base portalAPI tokens
b. Create the desired API token and copy the token
Copy the token from an existing token


  1. Go to the Variables tab and type in in the INITIAL VALUE and CURRENT VALUE fields for the base URL
  2. Click Save

The project authentication is completed. Now you can easily access all the available endpoints and perform various actions.

Use cases

With the help of Postman, you can perform various actions in Document360.
Here are a few basic use cases for your reference