3. Making your first request
  • 09 Mar 2023
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3. Making your first request

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Article Summary

In this article, we will help you make your first request to the Document360 API. Before proceeding make sure the following prerequisites are met. 


You should have a valid Document360 API token. To generate a new token please refer to this article for a step-by-step guide. 


For example, we will be calling the Teams endpoint https://apihub.document360.io/v2/teams to get all the team account users in the project.

The base URL for all Document360 API endpoints will be https://apihub.document360.io followed by version number. For example, to access the V2 version of the Document360 API the base URL will be https://apihub.document360.io/v2


Document360 API uses token-based authentication.  All requests to the Document360 API will be authenticated. The token has to be passed via an HTTP header with key as api_token and the value will be the API token. 

Using curl

The first approach to send a request is by using curl (Client URL). 

The below example makes a GET request to retrieve all the team accounts in the project. Just replace the text #your_token# with your actual token. When you execute this you should get a list of all team accounts associated with the project.

curl --request GET "https://apihub.document360.io/v2/teams" --header "api_token: #your_token#"

When using curl commands in windows make sure to use double quotes as shown in the above command instead of single quotes. Otherwise, you will get an error saying HTTP is not supported or disabled in libcurl.

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