Delete a team account
  • 09 Mar 2023
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Delete a team account

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Article Summary

With Postman, you can delete the team accounts associated with your projects. Deleting the team accounts with API allows you to automate the team account management process.

Ensure that your Document360 project is linked with the Postman application.
For detailed steps on linking your Document360 project with Postman, visit this article.

Steps involved

1. Get the team account id
2. Delete the team account

Get the team account id

To delete the desired team account from the project, you need the respective team account id. Follow the below steps to get the desired team account id.

  1. Under v2, expand Teams and click Get all team accounts
  2. Click Send. This action will display all the team accounts in the project. You can find the team account id next to the user_id parameter
  3. Copy the desired team account id and paste it into a notepad or preferred space

Delete the team account


  1. Under v2, expand Teams{user Id} and click Deletes a user with an ID
  2. In the Params tab, you can find the Path variables section. In the 'Value' field of userId, paste the desired team account id
  3. Click Send
  4. The desired team account will be deleted from the project. You can verify this with the 200 OK status and success property value as true

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