All request to Document360 API must be made using secure HTTPS not HTTP

HTTP Verbs

To ensure that you have a smooth experience while using our APIs, you should be sending proper JSON formatted requests.

To do this please append the header with Content-Type: application/json.

All of our APIs currently support the following HTTP verbs:

Method Description
GET Used for retrieving resources.
POST Used for creating resources.
PUT Used for replacing resources or collections.
DELETE Used for deleting resources.


Our API uses a straight-forward URL naming convention.

  • The base API endpoint is followed by the type of resource in a plural form

For example,

  • To retrieve a single resource and such method exists, the ID of the item must be appended to the URL

For example,

  • To retrieve a child resource, append the resource name to the ID of the parent resource

For example,

  • The API token must be supplied as part of the headers. The header key should be api_token and the value should be the token as shown below
Header key Header value
api_token FBX5IY55iiyjN,..