Get status of the import
  • 03 Jun 2021
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Get status of the import

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Get current status of the import

Parameter Type Description
api_token string REST API key you can get it from Settings > API.

Route Parameters

Parameters highlighted in bold are mandatory

Parameter Type Description
importId string ID of the import request

Sample Response

  "import_documentation_log": {
    "new_versions": 0,
    "categories": 5,
    "articles": 15,
    "languages": "",
    "messages": []
  "status": "Completed",
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "warnings": [],
  "information": []

Response Data

Parameter Type Description
status string Current status of the import and it can be either one of these status 'Queued/InProgress/Completed/Error'
import_documentation_log object Details about the import

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