Update user group
  • 02 Feb 2022
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Update user group

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PUT /teams/{userId}/groups

Add or remove groups of the user.

To update an SSO user who hasn't logged into the system, you can pass the invitation ID as userId and in the body set is_invitation_id to true.


api_tokenstringYou can get the REST API from Settings > Advanced > API tokens.

Body Parameters

associated_groupsYesstring[]An array of group IDs the user is associated with.
is_invitation_idNobooleanApplicable only for SSO users. If temporary invitation ID is passed as userId, then set this to true.

Sample Request

	"associated_groupsassociated_portal_role_id": "c1b8ae08-78d5-41d9-b3c4-3b0892b05ca8",
	"is_invitation_id": false

Sample Response

If the result property is true, then it indicates that the record has been successfully updated.

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