List articles inside a project
  • 02 Feb 2022
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List articles inside a project

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GET /projectversions/{id}/articles 

Gets all the articles present in the given project version ID


api_tokenstringYou can get the REST API from Settings > Advanced > API tokens.

Route Parameters

idYesstringThe ID of the project version

Sample Response

    "data": [
            "id": "4f52cd46-ca5c-4dc2-8ae1-16030e0ba168",
            "title": "Why did we build Document360?",
            "public_version": 7,
            "latest_version": 8,
            "hidden": true,
            "status": 0,
            "order": 1,
            "slug": "why-doc360"
    "extension_data": null,
    "context": null,
    "success": true,
    "errors": [],
    "warnings": [],
    "information": []

Response Data

idstringThe ID of the article
titlestringThe article title
public_versionnumberThe version number that is currently published
latest_versionnumberThe latest version number(revision) of this article
hiddenbooleanIndicates if the article is visible on the site
statusenumeratedThe status of the article: 0 - Draft, 1 - InReview, 2 - Public, 3 - Published, 4 - Deleted
ordernumberThe position inside the parent category

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