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  • 02 Feb 2022
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Export documentation

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POST /project/export 

Start a new export


api_tokenstringYou can get the REST API from Settings > Advanced > API tokens.

Body Parameters

entityYesstringArea to export. It can be Project or Version or Category or Article 
entity_idsConditionallystring[] IDs of the entities.
For example, if the entity is Category then the fields have to be category IDs. This is required for entities other than Project 
filter_by_article_modified_atNoobjectFilter articles by modified date-time
exclude_media_filesNoboolIf true, media files will not be included in the .zip file

Body Parameters > filter_by_article_modified_at

afterstringFilter the articles which are all modified after the given date
beforestringFilter the articles which are all modified before the given date

Sample Request

To export the documentation at the Project level

   "entity": "Project", // Version/Category/Article
   "entity_ids": [], // should be empty array 
   "filter_by_article_modified_at": {  // filter articles by modified at date range
       "after": "2021-05-17T03:42:52.109Z",
        "before": "2021-05-17T03:42:52.109Z"
   "exclude_media_files": true 

To export the documentation at Version/Category/Article level

  "entity": "Version",
   "entity_ids": ["695782c0-a0a3-4664-9bfd-0197d26379ee"], // Pass ',' separated values for multiple versions
   "filter_by_article_modified_at": null,
   "exclude_media_files": true 

Sample Response

  "id": "4039df02-ccca-4461-b4a1-eec107a19de3",
  "status": "Initiated",
  "success": true,
  "errors": [],
  "warnings": [],
  "information": []

Response Data

idstringThe ID of the export request. Use this ID to get export details
statusstringCurrent status of the export

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